G6: Holes, an introduction

Dear Parents,

I am excited to share with you that Grade 6 is now starting their first unit of the year on Holes, a novel by Louis Sachar (author of the famous and hilarious Wayside Stories series).  Today, a student asked me why I chose to teach Holes; the answer is simple, everybody loves the book!  I’ve been teaching it for many years and I’ve never had a student dislike the book (even older students like it!).  No matter how many time I teach Holes, I find news things in it and I enjoy it all over again.  Parents, you should read along with your student, I bet that you’ll like it too!

Through the book we encounter memorable characters; Stanley is the protagonist and he is surrounded by characters with fun nicknames and personalities.  There is even a character named after me!  The story is fun to follow, it’s kind of like a puzzle– you need to pay close attention so that you can fill in the “holes” when the story comes together at the end.

For an overview on the unit you can click on this link:  Holes Overview.  In the overview you can see what we’re going to be learning (you can even give your student a quiz tonight and ask him/her what the 4 elements of a story are).  Additionally, we are still doing 10 minutes of grammar at the beginning of every lesson.

Now, Holes is the most fun to read if you don’t know what happens ahead of time.  Because of this, I made all students who have read the book or seen the movie take an oath not reveal any information to their classmates.  We don’t want them to ruin the fun for everyone else!

Tomorrow, we begin reading.  I can’t wait!


Ms. Barlow


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