Grade 7 Non-fiction: Journalism

Hello parents and students,

We have started our first unit of the year and we are studying the non-fiction writing of journalism. Our goal for this unit is to learn the structure, style and characteristics of newspaper articles. To start this unit, we will first take a look at many example newspapers and articles to understand the purpose and language of journalism. We will also learn concepts such as inverted triangle, format/layout, headlines, captions, bias, and photojournalism. Students will also gain various skills such as writing for different audiences and purposes, writing to inform, and conducting research and interviews. For their final project, students will be placed in groups to create their very own newspapers containing their own written articles.

By the end of this unit, students will have recognized the importance and the art of telling stories, and the benefits of staying informed about the events happening all around them.

It is going to be a great few weeks and I hope you take the time to ask your student about the exciting things we are learning and doing with journalism.


Mr. Gonzalez


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