Grade 8 Media: Advertising

Hello parents and students,

We are starting our first unit of the year and I am very excited to say that it is a media unit on advertising! Throughout the next few weeks, we will be taking a look into the marketing world to understand how advertising agencies use language and other techniques to influence the consumer. We will begin by learning the history of advertising and compare it to how an ad is made in the modern day. We will then learn basic concepts such as brands, logos, slogans and other elements that are essential in an advertisement. We will spend the majority of our time analyzing examples of TV and print ads to understand the way they use language and other methods to persuade their target audience. For their final project, students will be placed in groups and, using their knowledge of advertising techniques, create their very own print and video advertisement.

It will be a fun and creative few weeks and I hope you take the time to ask your students about the exciting things we will learn and do with advertising.


Mr. Gonzalez


Questions & Comments

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