While I’m away… (grades 6 and 9)

This is for my classes, grades 6 and 9, to reference while I’m away at the IB conference.

– Ms. Barlow


Grade 6

Good job on your vocabulary test today!  Try using the words in your speech and writing from now on.

While I’m away you should continue reading your book.  I saw some people with information books today, but it must be fiction.  You must finish your book by Monday, November 4 (that’s in two weeks).  If you finish before then that’s fine, and if you want you can choose another book to read.

Also, tomorrow in class I’m going to teach you how to write an outline for an essay and the outline will be due on Monday, October 28.  Since I won’t be here you can see Ms. Malika for help; she is very useful, take advantage and ask her to look at your outline before you turn it in!

And on Friday and Monday in class we’re going to do something fun…. :)


Grade 9

You were given your homework on themes in The Kite Runner today.  A few extra copies are in the plastic tray next to my computer in case you lose it.  Remember that you can work with your partner, but nobody else.  Also, do not use the internet– use your brains and the book!

To help your notes on theme, here is the powerpoint used in class today: theme-lesson

Enjoy the movie on Thursday!  I prefer the book; I’m curious to see which one you like better.


G6: Important Announcements

Grade 6 is at an exciting point right now, we are just about to finish reading Holes as a class!

We’ve had a blast reading it!  But just because we’re done reading it, it doesn’t mean the unit is over!  Next we will be learning how to write an essay and each student will write an essay on Holes.

Because of the way the schedule is next week, we unfortunately will not be meeting as a class (Monday and Tuesday are staff training days and Thursday is the RE trip).  Because I won’t see the class for an entire week, they will have work to do at home.

So, parents, please help your student remember all the assignments and due dates so that nobody gets behind!  The class will be informed of these dates and requirements later this week.

1. There will be a vocabulary test on Monday, October 21.  We have already been working on these words for a week, so by the time of the test everyone should be able to use the words totally naturally!  For the test you will need to know the definition, the spelling, and how to use it in a sentence.  Also, many students have trouble pronouncing the words.  If that’s you, then practice saying the words- you can go to webster.com and click the speaker symbol and then it will read the word out loud.

2.  Now that we’ve finished reading Holes as a class, each student will be choosing a book of their own to read.  Next week, when we don’t have English class, I want each student to choose a book to read and get started reading it.  By Monday, October 21st, you should be at least half-way done with the book.  Please bring the book with you on Monday because you will have time to read it after you finish the vocabulary test.

Requirements for the book:

  • It must be in English
  • It must be one you haven’t read before
  • It must be at your reading level (if you’re a fast reader, then try to pick something that will be a challenge!)
  • Things like comic books and the Guinness Book of World Records do not count
  • Other than that, you can choose anything you want!  I recommend going to the library this week and picking something out.

Parents, thanks for your help so that we don’t get behind in English!  This is actually a good opportunity for students to practice being independent learners, and I’m sure that everyone will succeed!

Please feel free to email me with questions during the week.

Ms. Barlow

G9: Vocabulary Test


Grade 9 will have a vocabulary test on Wednesday, October 16.  There are 30 words and they are all from the book The Kite Runner.  Students will have their practice sentences returned to them next lesson.

In order to succeed on the vocabulary test students must know the definition, the spelling, and how to use the word in a sentence.

Until then, study and practice!  Try to incorporate the words into your everyday speech!