Snow Arrangements

I hope everyone enjoyed their long snow weekend!  School for the secondary students is back on today and we only have a couple days before our break for Christmas.  So, here is the schedule for Ms. Barlow’s English classes:

Grade 6

Our only lesson this week is on Thursday.  On that day you will be expected to turn in 1) Your Poetry Anthology (printed in color) and 2) Your Independent Reading Bookmark and explanation.  During this lesson you’ll have a chance to share your work with your classmates.  I had planned on giving you a party before Christmas, so if you want, you can bring snacks and drinks to share with your classmates to celebrate the holidays and all of the good work you’ve done!  When you return from the break we will do review for the exam, but don’t worry, you don’t need to study because it is an exam that assesses skills, not content.

Grade 9

Please bring a printed copy of your story on Wednesday morning.  You will have the lesson to peer-edit, so you MUST have your story with you!  Your story will be due by 2:30, hard-copy, on Thursday.  Period 1 on Thursday I will introduce something new, and if all goes well then we will have a party in our afternoon lesson!   When you return from the break we will do review for the exam, but don’t worry, you don’t need to study because it is an exam that assesses skills, not content.




Grade 9 Autobiography

Grade 9 has been learning how to write descriptively and it’s been a lot of fun! This is my favorite unit to teach, especially the lesson where I give the students candy bars but don’t allow them to eat it until they describe it using all of their senses!

The overview for the unit can be found here: Autobiography Overview and the assignment sheet can be found here: Autobiography_assignment.

The students have completed their first drafts of the story and last lesson the students edited their stories.  Many students were gone on the Arabic field trip, so for those students here are the guidelines for the self-editing: auto self edit.  This editing is critical, as this is what will make sure your story is descriptive and interesting to read.  Take it seriously and do it thoroughly!

We will continue to work on and perfect our stories in class this week.  The final story will be due next Wednesday, December 18.  For this assignment I will not accept anything late.

Keep writing and editing.  I can’t wait to read all the stories!

Grade 6 Poetry

Grade 6 has been writing excellent poetry that focuses on our five senses!  It has been a pleasure for me to read it as they work.

All students should have the final drafts of their poems ready by now; this week we are putting all the poems together into a nice anthology.  The final anthology is due on Monday, December 16, and I look forward to having students share their poems with the class on that day!  In case the assignment sheet got lost, here it is: Imagery Poetry Anthology

Additionally, don’t forget that you should have finished reading your book for the Independent Novel assignment.  Most students have finished the book and some have even already completed the bookmark that goes along with it.  The deadline is extended to this Friday, December 13.

The students have been working hard and behaving well, so if they keep it up, they’ll get a party as a reward next week!  I hope we get to have a party!