Grade 9 Autobiography

Grade 9 has been learning how to write descriptively and it’s been a lot of fun! This is my favorite unit to teach, especially the lesson where I give the students candy bars but don’t allow them to eat it until they describe it using all of their senses!

The overview for the unit can be found here: Autobiography Overview and the assignment sheet can be found here: Autobiography_assignment.

The students have completed their first drafts of the story and last lesson the students edited their stories.  Many students were gone on the Arabic field trip, so for those students here are the guidelines for the self-editing: auto self edit.  This editing is critical, as this is what will make sure your story is descriptive and interesting to read.  Take it seriously and do it thoroughly!

We will continue to work on and perfect our stories in class this week.  The final story will be due next Wednesday, December 18.  For this assignment I will not accept anything late.

Keep writing and editing.  I can’t wait to read all the stories!


One thought on “Grade 9 Autobiography

  1. Update: As school begins at 9:00 tomorrow, we will not be having an English lesson. I will have Peer-edit guide sheets available for you to pick up. I encourage you to find a partner or a parent to check your essay using the Peer-edit guide sheet. Your essay is still expected on Thursday.

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