Grade 10- How to write a body paragraph for a commentary

So, you should all be familiar with the PEE format for body paragraphs. First, start off with a point. Next, use an example from the text. Finally, give an explanation showing the connection between your point and example. But to help you gain a better sense of what this actually looks like, I’ve provided an example in the link below. It uses different terminology such as thesis statement, concrete details, and commentary, but it is the same exact principle. The example is for the play, The Crucible, but the point is to use it as a format for your own commentary body paragraphs. If you use this format, you’ll greatly improve your essays in no time!


Grade 8-Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

We have just begun our unit on Romeo and Juliet and you should have finished reading Act 1, scene 1 for homework. Here’s the clip from the original 1968 film version. It’s a lot more exciting than just reading the stage directions “they fight”. Why do you think Shakespeare wanted to start off his play with a big fight?

Grade 7-The Giver

We have just finished our Poetry Slam unit and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have been more impressed. Way to go, Grade 7, on your hard work and enthusiasm in this thrilling journey into poetry! Now, we begin our unit on Lois Lowry’s, The Giver, where we’ll enter into a perfect world absent of war or pain. We’ll look into the life of Jonas when he is given the world’s memories and discovers there is much more to life as he knows it. The book will help us wrestle through many important questions, one of the most important being: Is a perfect world really worth the sacrifice of free will and human emotion? The answer is up to you. 

G9: Poetry

Today began an exciting new unit on poetry!  This is the year when we begin to learn how to analyse poetry, and when we learn to think in a new, creative, subtle way.  I can’t wait for it!  It’s like a treasure hunt– we read a poem and then together, we dig out all the gold.  If you want to know what’s going on for this unit, check out the unit overview: Poetry Overview.

If you enjoyed today’s poem as much as I did, Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou, here is the clip we watched of her reading the poem:

This is also a reminder that your indie reading and interview questions are due on Monday, don’t forget!  Parents, I look forward to seeing you at conferences on Friday.

G6: The Diary of Anne Frank

We are beginning an exciting new unit in Grade 6 English!  It is the Play of the Diary of Anne Frank.  Check out the unit overview to get an idea of what we’ll be doing for the next 6 weeks: Anne Overview.  We will be doing a combined unit with Drama, where they will do some dramatic readings from Anne’s actual diary.

Don’t forget that by February 10 you need to read your book and complete the drawing!

Parents, I look forward to seeing you all at conferences next Friday!