G9: New Unit!

Grade 9 students finished their unit on poetry, and they impressed me greatly.  I think that we all enjoyed it, the ‘treasure-hunting’ in poems, and the students did outstanding work in their presentations.  I hope that this inspires them to continue reading and writing poetry!

We’ve had a content-heavy year so far, and we’re all ready for our next unit, which is a media unit on action-adventure films!  The overarching goal of the unit is to learn to have a critical and thoughtful eye regarding the media that we consume on a daily basis.  I believe strongly that media units such as this are not only useful for providing life skills, but that it is necessary to be media-literate in a critical manner for success in most fields today.

Here you can find our unit overview: Action Overview.  And here you can find our basic glossary for cinematic terminology: Action Film Glossary

I assigned homework yesterday, and the students asked me to post it on the blog so that their parents would believe them.  I want to have one film that everyone in the class has seen, so that we can use it as a reference for our discussions throughout the unit.  The film I chose is Die Hard, because it is a quintessential action film, and it encompasses everything we will be analyzing.  The students were asked to watch the film before class on Wednesday.  Based on a survey completed in class, the students said their parents would allow them to watch the movie.  If this is not the case, however, and you do not want your student to watch the film, then please advise them to watch the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I am excited about this unit, and I know the students are too.  I’m looking forward to exploring this medium together!


2 thoughts on “G9: New Unit!

  1. I understand your mixed feelings, but I rationalize it because it’s so difficult to access legally in this country, and because most of the time copyright law is expanded when materials are used for educational purposes. Thanks for making the first actual comment on the blog! Glad to know it’s being read!

  2. You’re right I had not believed him but Matteo has seen it now. I have mixed feelings though about the school promoting illegal downloading even though everyone is doing it (including us). Otherwise keep up the good work !

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