About This Blog

To the Students and Parents of AISJ,

This blog has been created just for you!  It will be used for the MYP grades which are 6 – 10.  The main purpose of this blog is communication; we want everyone to know about all the wonderful things going on in the English Department here at AISJ!

Some of the things you can look forward to this year are: exploring the world of Sherlock Holmes and other detective stories (grade 6); reading a graphic novel and putting on a poetry slam (grade 7); learning about advertising and how to debate (grade 8);  understanding the narrative traits of action adventure films (grade 9);  creating a graphic novel based on Edgar Allan Poe’s Gothic literature (grade 10).  We might even manage to have another epic, school-wide spelling bee this year!

Check in here for deadline reminders, introductions to new units, additional resources to the lessons, and tips straight from your teachers about how to excel!  Create a username so that you can post questions and join in discussions; if you need help or forgot something, this will be the place to go.

The most important thing is for you to click on the “follow” button on the home page, that way every time something is posted on the blog, you’ll get an email.  This way you won’t miss out any important reminders or deadlines! Also, you’ll have the chance to see what all the other classes are up to!  Be sure to check out what’s happening in the IB too: http://aisjenglishib.wordpress.com/.

Here’s to a great year ahead!

Ms. Barlow and Mr. Gonzalez


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