AACI Competition

Parents and Students,

I am happy to announce that AISJ is entering into the AACI competition once again!  Every year we have students from our school win prizes for their work.

The AACI is an American/Canadian association in Israel, and they host this competition for writing and artwork, awarding prizes for the top work.

We have seen excellent work from our students in English this year and want to submit it so that they can be recognized and proudly display their work!

Please submit to Ms. Barlow or Mr. Gonzalez a poem or story that you would like to enter into the competition.  The maximum length is 2 sides of A4 paper.  Submission is not required, but it is encouraged!  We need submission by this coming Monday, March 17.  We will accept them by email (barlowa@aisj.co.il) or hard-copy.

You can see the flyer here: AACI flyer and for more details, speak with Ms. Sullum, who is the event organizer for the school.

We hope to receive submissions from all of our students!!

Ms. Barlow and Mr. Gonzalez



Fun Grammar Quiz!

Students and parents,

How good is your grammar?  Take this fun quiz and find out!

Grammar Quiz (updated link)

I’m proud to say that I scored 100%.  If any student gets 100% (without help from another person or outside source, and verified by a reliable witness) then I will buy you a candy of your choice.

Good luck!

Ms. Barlow

Integrating Quotations into an Essay

This post is for all grades– it is a power-point that explains how to integrate quotations into an essay.  Every good essay needs support for its arguments, and this shows you how to include your supporting quotes most effectively.  If you follow everything outlined in this power-point, you will have an excellent argument and paper!

Save this to your own files so that you can use it whenever you need to write a paper!


Getting Ready

Hi Everyone,

New Student Orientation is in just one week– can you believe it?!  I’m getting excited as I prepare for the school year; I’m working to make a lot of improvements.  Some of the changes you’ll notice are in the curriculum, the assessment policy, the way we study grammar, and we might even be getting new desks.  That may not sound like much to you, but we should have an even smoother and more fun year of learning; plus, we’re working to better prepare you for the IB, so that you can also enjoy your years in the upper school.

Enjoy these funny English comics as you enjoy your last days of summer.

See you soon!

Ms. Barlow