G6: Miscellaneous

Grade 6,

I hope that you’re enjoying our study of the stories of Sherlock Holmes so far.  This unit will only get progressively better!

Recently, everyone chose books to read for the Independent Reading project.  The assignment for the book is due April 28th, and the assignment itself can be found here: Test

Also, discussion of the Rwandan genocide has been in the news a lot recently.  You can google it and find a lot of current articles on the topic if you wish to know more about it.  Here is one that I read, written by a Rwandan, about one of the reasons why the Rwandan people were persuaded to commit violent acts: Following Orders in Rwanda

Enjoy your holiday!


G6: Detective Unit

Grade 6 is beginning an exciting and fun new unit based on the stories about Sherlock Holmes!  In this unit we will focus on practicing critical thinking as we follow Sherlock Holmes in the short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The summative task for the unit will be to write your very own detective story!

I look forward to solving mysteries with you!

Look here for the unit overview: Detective Overview

G6: The Diary of Anne Frank

We are beginning an exciting new unit in Grade 6 English!  It is the Play of the Diary of Anne Frank.  Check out the unit overview to get an idea of what we’ll be doing for the next 6 weeks: Anne Overview.  We will be doing a combined unit with Drama, where they will do some dramatic readings from Anne’s actual diary.

Don’t forget that by February 10 you need to read your book and complete the drawing!

Parents, I look forward to seeing you all at conferences next Friday!

Snow Arrangements

I hope everyone enjoyed their long snow weekend!  School for the secondary students is back on today and we only have a couple days before our break for Christmas.  So, here is the schedule for Ms. Barlow’s English classes:

Grade 6

Our only lesson this week is on Thursday.  On that day you will be expected to turn in 1) Your Poetry Anthology (printed in color) and 2) Your Independent Reading Bookmark and explanation.  During this lesson you’ll have a chance to share your work with your classmates.  I had planned on giving you a party before Christmas, so if you want, you can bring snacks and drinks to share with your classmates to celebrate the holidays and all of the good work you’ve done!  When you return from the break we will do review for the exam, but don’t worry, you don’t need to study because it is an exam that assesses skills, not content.

Grade 9

Please bring a printed copy of your story on Wednesday morning.  You will have the lesson to peer-edit, so you MUST have your story with you!  Your story will be due by 2:30, hard-copy, on Thursday.  Period 1 on Thursday I will introduce something new, and if all goes well then we will have a party in our afternoon lesson!   When you return from the break we will do review for the exam, but don’t worry, you don’t need to study because it is an exam that assesses skills, not content.



Grade 6 Poetry

Grade 6 has been writing excellent poetry that focuses on our five senses!  It has been a pleasure for me to read it as they work.

All students should have the final drafts of their poems ready by now; this week we are putting all the poems together into a nice anthology.  The final anthology is due on Monday, December 16, and I look forward to having students share their poems with the class on that day!  In case the assignment sheet got lost, here it is: Imagery Poetry Anthology

Additionally, don’t forget that you should have finished reading your book for the Independent Novel assignment.  Most students have finished the book and some have even already completed the bookmark that goes along with it.  The deadline is extended to this Friday, December 13.

The students have been working hard and behaving well, so if they keep it up, they’ll get a party as a reward next week!  I hope we get to have a party!


Integrating Quotations into an Essay

This post is for all grades– it is a power-point that explains how to integrate quotations into an essay.  Every good essay needs support for its arguments, and this shows you how to include your supporting quotes most effectively.  If you follow everything outlined in this power-point, you will have an excellent argument and paper!

Save this to your own files so that you can use it whenever you need to write a paper!