Grade 10- How to Structure your Poetry Commentaries

Grade 10- How to Structure your Poetry Commentaries

Click on the link (title) above. Here is a site that provides helpful suggestions on how to structure your poetry commentaries. Pay particular attention to how the writer formulates his thesis, focusing on how the poet uses poetic devices to create the meaning of the poem. Use this as study material for your exam on Monday but remember, there is more than just one way to organize your essay. Good luck studying!


Gothic Literature-Dracula: The Graphic Novel and Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry

Gothic Literature-Dracula: The Graphic Novel and Edgar Allan Poe's poetry

In this unit, we will be studying Gothic literature. We will look at Gothic elements through the reading of Dracula: The Graphic Novel, as we also study elements of a graphic novel. We will also study the poetry of American Gothic poet, Edgar Allan Poe. During this unit, students will learn about poetic devices, how to identify them within a poem, and present a higher-level analysis of the work. We will look at what makes Gothic literature so enticing and it’s large influence on modern literature and film.

Grade 10- How to write a body paragraph for a commentary

So, you should all be familiar with the PEE format for body paragraphs. First, start off with a point. Next, use an example from the text. Finally, give an explanation showing the connection between your point and example. But to help you gain a better sense of what this actually looks like, I’ve provided an example in the link below. It uses different terminology such as thesis statement, concrete details, and commentary, but it is the same exact principle. The example is for the play, The Crucible, but the point is to use it as a format for your own commentary body paragraphs. If you use this format, you’ll greatly improve your essays in no time!

Grade 10 Magazine Presentations are this Tuesday

Attentional all English classes:

Grade 10 will be presenting their magazines this Tuesday! Grade 10, don’t forget to dress professionally for your presentations and to bring some food for the party afterwards. All other classes, don’t be shy to ask students in grade 10 to show you a copy of their magazine. All the magazines are really well designed with a lot of cool information in them, ranging from fashion to sports to video games. Some of them even have posters and other freebies. So if you’re lucky, one of the 10th graders might be nice enough to give you something!